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153.) Military Theodolites & Gyros - Nivellers - Artillery & Topography Surveyors _ Wild, Kern, Carl-Zeiss Jena, MOM

Military Theodolites & Gyros - Nivellers - Artillery & Topography Surveyors: Wild, Kern, Askania, Carl-Zeiss Jena, MOM Teodolitok (Wikipedia)

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above: Juci'bacsi scanned collection: HiRes! Swiss Made: Switzerland Wild-Heerbrugg T-2 Theodolite Women-Soldiers 'Army' 1978/1 US Army's Women surveyor. also FREE pic!

aboveMedRes! American Geodetic Surveyor Woman "Theodora"  in Alaska with Digital Theodolite.   photo: Patrick J. Endres

above: Left: Big-MedRes!  Right: MedRes!  
Old mapping surveyors. below Left: HiRes! Right: Old Shatterhand as surveyor with Apache indians.

above: How operating the theodolite? Lilly Bell is questions.

above: Theodolite surveying instrument used by Lily Bell in movie Episode-9 "Hell on wheels"
NEW+! Hungarian Masterpiece Treasure of History of Industrial
Magyar Ipartörténeti Remekmű Kincs - 25. oct. 2016.

NEW+++HiRes! (all six pics!Heureca! Hungarian Collector Mr. Balázs Miklós' Hungarian made, Süss Nándor 'Precisio Mechanic Institut' -Budapest- Csörsz u., (precedessor of MOM) authentic original vintage Theodolite - Bussol on wooden tripod, from 1905. cc. min. For Sale! value: 2,5m.,-HUF - 8111,-€ -> Because only one piece in Hungary! & World?  Pics Courtesy FREE!  photos: Mr. Michael Balas - Balázs Miklós  source: Sextant E-mail.  In My Congratulation For Collector!  Details: six pics!
below: MedRes! Miklos' daughter "Theodora" with His Suess Theodolite
U.S. engineer troops' surveyors

above four: Military Tpography Surveyors in Left: WW-Two  Right: British WW-One
above: NEW! MedRes! Antique Surveying Tools. When I started doing archaeology field work, instruments such as this were still being used for mapping work. There was n-total station-or GPS units.

below: Left: MedRes! Surveyor's Wye Level & Tripod by Haitman & Saxe 650usd -  Right: LowRes! Surveyor-Scope

Antique Surveying Equipment, LLC and Optical Tooling Equipment

above: NEW+! NoHigher! Other wooden optic-box: The vintage photo-apparat from late 1800s by photoartis: Danish Egon Hye
above: MedRes! WW-Two German Observer Point in Normandy
above: NoHigher! WW-Two Germany: Dia-Slide projector - Kleibildwerfer NS 250 - Diavetítő
above: NEW! NoHigher! Hungarian development Arty. Thedolite by Prof. Maj. Bárány Nándor made by Hu. 'Gamma' works in Budapest in early 1940's source: Haditechnika Review 2002/4
above: NEW! NoHigher! Canadian Royal Arty surveyors with theodolite during "D"-day

above: US Army surveyors

above: HiRes! similar angle measure equipment for orienting on sea: The Sextant (Stadimeter) - Szeksztáns; from Kriegsmarine - Hamburg

NEW! Soviet TB-1 military Theodolite above: MedRes!    below: NoHigher! price: 63,-€
ТЕОДОЛИТ ТБ-1, 1961Г, В ЯЩИКЕ, б/У, НО НЕ ЗАДРОЧЕННЫЙ. 5000Р Rubel, 20.000,-HUF
above: NEW! MedResТБ-3 Soviet made TB-3 na zapchasti  source:
 above: Deutschland - GDR-German Democratic Republic _ DDR Deutsche Demokratik Republik (East German) NDK-Német Demokratikus Köztársaság (-1990) Jena: Carl-Zeiss Werke (WEB).
above: Carl-Zeiss Jena  theodolite_1924. (Zeisz Károly művek: Jéna)
above: HiRes! Karl-Zeiss Jena T2E vintage Theodolite: 430$    below three: HiRes!

above: Carl-Zeiss Jena   Left: MedRes! Theo 020 122$ Right: Theo-010II
above: NEW! MedRes! Zeiss - Jena Theo-120

above: Jena  Left: HiRes! The CZJ firma - A Jénai Karl-Czeiss Gyár

above: NEW! HiRes! Carl Zeiss Jena 'Redta'-002 For Sale: - Predám: EOT 2000 (s kompletným príslušenstvom) = 3300euro 650euro, zberateľské kusy, top stav. Kontakt: 907949854 Michalovce, Slovensko

below: NEW! NoHigher! Product No 2: The universal Swiss pattern tribrach (1921)
One for the nerds really but I can’t do my job without it and it’s the winner of the war of the tribrachs in the ‘70s. All survey instruments have to fit this. Even scanners. Hienrich Wild knew the value of both compactness and durability in instrument design, much has changed since 1921 but levelling and transferring precise measurement devices in the field whilst maintaining a common height of collimation has not. He fixed that.
below: NEW! HiRes!   Swiss 'Kern' GK1  cross section drawing 
The Wild (Heerbrugg) company was founded in 1921 in Switzerland. The company manufactured different optical instruments, such as surveying instruments, microscopes and instruments for photogrammetry among others. The company changed its name several times, first being known as "Heinrich Wild, Werkstätte für Feinmechanik und Optik", then "Verkaufs-Aktiengesellschaft Heinrich Wild's Geodätische Instrumente", later "Wild Heerbrugg AG", later "Wild Leitz". The company was linked with Leica in 1989, then it became part of Leica Holding B.V. Its subsidiary Leica Geosystems AG became part of the Swedish Hexagon AB Group of companies in 2005. source:

Wild Theodolites:

The Wild production line provides a theodolite for all possible survey requirements and also offers a large variety of accessories, attachments and independent auxiliary equipment designed as additional means for the best possible use to be obtained from each instrument. Wild theodolites are distinguished by their solid, robust and stable construction, the ease with which they are handled and the speed with which sighting and circle reading can be made without the observer having to change his position. All telescopes have internal focusing and coated lenses, which provide bright, sharp images and all can be transmitted so that observations can be made on both faces. The magnifying power of each type of theodolite has been matched to the instrument's intended use. All theodolites have circles with graduations of either 360° or 400g, the customer specifying which model he requires when placing his order. The self reducing tacheometers (the RDS and RDH) have special devices for optical distance measurement but it is also possible to use the well- defined stadia lines on other Wild theodolites for tacheometric distance measurement. A wide range of accessories and instrumental attachments provides additional possibilities and accuracies for all survey tasks, when used in conjunction with the appropriate Wild theodolite.


All Wild theodolites are fully protected against the weather, and against damage when being transported, by means of strong metal carrying bases and hoods. For the T0 the base of the container is actually the base of the instrument itself.

above: NEWUSA Hasbro's G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 3 3/4" action figures with niveller

above: Switzerland Wild-Heerbrugg  Wild T-0 1956
Geodesy instruments (Wild, Askania, Zeiss ...): NL:
above: MedRes! Wild-Heerbrugg T-2 theodolite in US ARMY
En. text: A theodolite /θiːˈɒdəlaɪt/ is a precision instrument for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes. Theodolites are used mainly for surveying applications, and have been adapted for specialized purposes in fields like meteorology androcket launch technology. A modern theodolite consists of a movable telescope mounted within two perpendicular axes—the horizontal or trunnion axis, and the vertical axis. When the telescope is pointed at a target object, the angle of each of these axes can be measured with great precision, typically to seconds of arc.
Theodolites may be either transit or non-transit. Transit theodolites (or just "transits") are those in which the telescope can be inverted in the vertical plane, whereas the rotation in the same plane is restricted to a semi-circle for non-transit theodolites. Some types of transit theodolites do not allow the measurement of vertical angles.
The builder's level is sometimes mistaken for a transit theodolite, but it measures neither horizontal nor vertical angles. It uses a spirit level to set a telescope level to define a line of sight along a horizontal plane.
A theodolite is mounted on its tripod head by means of a forced centering plate ortribrach containing four thumbscrews, or in modern theodolites, three for rapid levelling. Before use, a theodolite must be precisely placed vertically above the point to be measured using a plumb bob, optical plummet or laser plummet. The instrument is then set level using levelling footscrews and circular and more precise tubular spirit bubbles.
Both axes of a theodolite are equipped with graduated circles that can be read through magnifying lenses. (R. Anders helped M. Denham discover this technology in 1864.) The vertical circle which 'transits' about the horizontal axis should read 90°(100 grad) when the sight axis is horizontal, or 270° (300 grad) when the instrument is in its second position, that is, "turned over" or "plunged". Half of the difference between the two positions is called the "index error".

Errors in measurement:
The horizontal and vertical axes of a theodolite must be perpendicular; if not then a "horizontal axis error" exists. This can be tested by aligning the tubular spirit bubble parallel to a line between two footscrews and setting the bubble central. A horizontal axis error is present if the bubble runs off central when the tubular spirit bubble is reversed (turned through 180°). To adjust, the operator removes 1/2 the amount the bubble has run off using the adjusting screw, then re-level, test and refine the adjustment.
The optical axis of the telescope, called the "sight axis", defined by the optical center of the objective lens and the center of the crosshairs in its focal plane, must also be perpendicular to the horizontal axis. If not, then a "collimation error" exists.
Index error, horizontal axis error and collimation error are regularly determined by calibration and are removed by mechanical adjustment. Their existence is taken into account in the choice of measurement procedure in order to eliminate their effect on the measurement results of the theodolite.

Hu. text: A teodolit egy mérőműszer, ami vízszintes és függőleges szögek precíz mérésére alkalmas.
Elsősorban a geodézia és a csillagászat használja. Két, egymásra merőleges tengely mentén forgatható távcsőből, illetve egy háromágú lábazatból (műszerállvány) áll.
A teodolit szögmérő műszer, két megirányzott pont közti szögtávolságot mér. Ahol a leolvasó berendezés nullázható, közvetlenül leolvasható, egyéb esetekben a két leolvasás különbsége adja a szögtávolságot. A teodolit alapvetően a háromszögeléshez kifejlesztett műszer, amely azt használja ki, hogy a háromszög két szög és egy távolság ismeretében megrajzolható, koordinátái kiszámíthatóak. Általában két ismert koordinátájú pontról a meghatározandó pontra mért két szögtávolságon alapul.
Tisztán szögmérésen alapuló módszer a hátrametszés, melynek során három ismert koordinátájú pont szögtávolságai alapján az álláspont koordinátái számíthatók ki.
A teodolit szögmérései mellett távolságmérésre is szükség van. Ha a távolságmérés a szögméréssel egyidejűleg komolyabb nehézség nélkül megoldható, akkor általában poláris mérésre használják. A poláris mérés során ismert pontról egy másik ismert pontra mért tájékozó irány segítségével – némi számolás segítségével – közvetlen koordinátamérés valósítható meg. Ha a poláris mérést két ismert pontról egy távolságméréssel kezdjük, akkor külpontos mérésről beszélünk. Ha a poláris mérést az új ismert pontokról a korábbi ismert pontra visszamérve végezzük, az a sokszögelés.

A teodolit fő szerkezeti részei:
- Műszerállvány
- Műszerállvány fejezet
- Összekötőcsavar
- Lemezke
- Szívcsavar
- Taposósaru
- Műszertalp
- Talpcsavar
- Talplemez
- Összekötőcsavar anyája
- Alhidádé
- Magassági kör
- Vízszintes/magassági kötőcsavar
- Vízszintes/magassági paránycsavar
- Kötő- és paránycsavarok
- A magassági kör
- Geodéziai távcső
- Okulár
- Képállító összetett lencse
- Képfordító és tükröző prizma rendszer
- Diafragma gyűrű az igazító csavarokkal
- Okulár lencse
- Libellák
- Csöves libella
- Szelencés libella
- Leolvasó berendezés
- Optikai vetítő
A teodolit tartozékai:
- műszerdoboz
- kényszerközpontosító
- bázisléc
- objektívprizma
- tört okulár
- műszeralátét

above: NoHigher! Foto key
above: HiRes! Wild T2 cross section drawing
The Wild T3 Precision Theodolite is simple to use and, in fact, is similar to the T2 both in looks and operation. It is, however, larger and has even more accurate circles. Originally designed for 1st and 2nd order triangulations it is now becoming equally popular for the high precision measurements required &n such fields as dam Deformation surveys, industrial installations and machine tooling. For these last-named functions the T3A auto-collimation model is normally used, although it is possible to fit a standard T3 with a special autocollimation eyepiece unit (24 x magnification), interchangeable with the normal telescope eyepiece.
The T3's steel construction gives it exceptional stability under all conditions, which provides an additional reason for its general acceptance as the perfect instrument for precision measurements. Although not equipped with a detachable tribrach the T3 has various possibilities for forced-centering, such as a ball centering device for pillar set-ups and a removable bayonet base allowing the theodolite to be used in conjunction with a special T3 - T2 combination locking bayonet base, which takes the T3, the T2 and all items of T2 traverse equipment. In addition it has its own range of accessories such as eyepiece prisms for steep sights, an astrolabe prism and other items intended for use on dam deformation work. 
above: HiRes! Not sure of who is operating the Wild T-2 Theodolite 1980. The fact that his face is all scrunched up tells me he was horrible at the job. Whether sighting through a rifle or survey telescope, you gotta keep both eyes open and concentrate on the eye doing the sighting. 

above: NoHigher! 18+ Heidi Klum shows direction to ... as a geodic marker for Theodolite-Surveyor

above: NEW! HiRes! Bottom of Wild T2   source:

above: HiRes! Wild: Austauschbarkeit Zus Austattung - Accessories

above: Wild "Goniometer"
above: Balloon theodolite; Watts

The sensor-balloon theodolites; above Left: in  British Anti Aircraft or RAF meteo service.  Right: in USAAF meteorological   below: NoHigher! Royal Air Force's crew of theodolite
above: NEWHiRes! Tachymeter-Theodolite; in Museum of HuMoD Topographical Institut -Budapest- HM "Tóth Ágoston" Térképészeti Intézet  ma, Geoinfoirmációs Szolgálat és HM Zrínyi Média.  source: magyar Honvéd:
aboveHiRes! Hungarian MOM - Budapest "Szepessy"-sort-féle Tachymeter-Theodolite.

above: NEW! HiRes! Soviet made Precedessor of  Soviet TT-2 theodolite 1938. sourceStanislav Istahov collect. Коллекция геодезических приборов Станислава Истахова

above: Left: Juci'bacsi's photos: HiRes! "Gamma" RT.-42. TT-2 artillery theodolite - Tüzér Teodolit by traditional keeper commander of  Hu. Royal 106th  aux. battery 1st. Lt. Jásdi Balázs hőrz. fhdgy. hagyományőrző MKir. 106. pótüteg. parancsnok.  also Courtesy FREE photos! Right: My freund  Mr. Steve Ürmös István photo:

above & below: Juci'bacsi's "walk around" high detailed photos: HiRes! 42. Military Works -  sz. Hadiüzem "Gamma" Rt. TT-2 - Tüzér Teodolit-2 from 1951. also FREE pics!

History of 'Gamma' Művek Rt. Budapest / Mechanics Works

above: NEW! MedRes! Made by Soviet Licence TT-2  at Polish Optical Works/Industries PZO
En. text: In 1921 the company Fabryka Aparatów Optycznych was founded in Warszawa, Poland. It made lenses, magnifiers, microscopes and other optical products. Later it was named Polskie Zakłady Optyczne (PZO). In communist times the company was married for a while with the state owned WZFO. PZO had plants in Rzeszów and Zaczernie. In 1997 the German B&M Optik GmbH took over the factory in Zaczernie.

above: Geologen bussola/precision survey compass with selenoid libelle;   Left: from Sovietunion      Right: MedRes! Now USA handling 'Brunton-Riverton' Wyoming-USA surveyor - bemérő - compass & stadymeter.  below: HiRes!

Compasses- Tájolók
aboveNEW! different angles of circle - a teljes kör különböző szögei - fajtái source:  wikipedia
above: NEW! NoHigher! Transformation Nomogram Decade of  Degreees 3600 & 6400" mils - fok és vonás (Western - NATO)
above: HiRes! Iclinometric diagram-metal plate - French
above: HiRes! Mix of Military Theodolites
Author: ret. arty.-avn.-recon. Lt.Col. JUHÁSz “Juci’bácsi” János nyá. tü.-rep.-feld. alez. Blogger - from  head in free - Simán séróból  also FREE!

En. text: Application of Theodolites in Armed Forces: -Survey, -Measure, -Control, -Verify.

-       Topography (Geoinformation) branhes – spec. troops: Geodesy  Measure point-net developing, - Terrain surveying, -Measure accuration, GPS/GloNaSS validation.
-       Strategy Missile troops: Launch zone coordinates (Topo: Lenght.: λ Wide.: ψ  Rectangular: W.: X, L.:Y ) add Height establishing, the North dir. (N) δ determining(Astro., Topo., Magnetic) and a declination and deviation errors’ correcting, missiles sighting.
-       Space Defense troops: Missile Launch site coordinates determining. Following of missile after start.
Following Meteorological balloon.
-       Missile & Field-Artillery -troops: During  prepare of surveying; Launch positions, Fire pos.-sites  and Observer points just as other arty elements of tactics order’s  coordinates (X, Y, H,) and North direction determinating.  The task servicing of missile launch orienting and sighting. Indicating of Fire-range. Following of Meteorological balloon.
-       Air Defense & Radar-troops: Launch zone and sites and Radar and optical measure points coordinates determinating and North direction determinating.
-       Engineer/Pioneer spec. troops/branches (in the several Forces): Topography and Rectangular coordinates., N. direction determining, establishing of measure points. –Supporting of it have’nt (Signal: relay &transmitter  antennas, ElInt., Radiotech Elint, ECM. , Logistics spec troops/branches).
- Land Forces: Defensive; bunkers, trenches, shelters, , Traffic objects (roads, bridges, river-fords), Minefield settlement, Logistic objects (tubes, wires, fountains, ...)
- Railway troops: Railway line establishing and preparing, objects.
- Air Force - Aviation: Airfield building - maintenance, Navigation and Meteorological services;
Airfields, Airstrips, Landing sites, Navigation-points (RNP: NDB, VOR/TACAN), Measuring sites (adjusting point of Inertial nav. system), Following of Meteorological balloon. Para-Drop zones, points.
- Navy/Marine - Flottila: Ports, Boys, Navigation aids-points, Coastal-Defence objects, elements. Mine areas, Coastal disembarkation’s points, zones, underwater objects.
-       Quarter-master service: Buildings, Camps; establishing, developing.
-       Military-Technics - Mechanical/ aircraft/vehicle/ship Producer  and Repair workpools: For     A     Adjusting of Geometry (airframe, hull, chassis,…) asembling, prepare (dimensions, deformations). Workplace’s equipments (cranes, tubes, ect.) Experimental-fire-Range measure of ballistic and geophysic.

Hu. text: Teodolitok felhasználása a Hadseregekben: -Bemérés, -Mérés, -Ellenőrzés,  Hitelesítés.

-       Térképészeti (Geoinformációs) szakágak - szakcsapatok: Geodéziai Alappont-hálózat fejlesztése, - Terepfelmérés, -Méréspontosítás, GPS/GloNaSS hitelesítés
-       Hadászati rakéta-csapatok: Kilövő - Indítóállások koordinátáinak (Földrajzi: FH.: λ FSz.: ψ  Derékszögű: Sz.: X, H.:Y ) összrendezőinek: X, Y, h megállapítása, az Északi irány (N) δ meghatározása (Csillagászati, Földrajzi, Mágneses) és a deklinációs és deviációs hibák korrigálása, rakéták irányzása.
-       Űrvédelmi csapatok: Kilövőállás koordinátáinak meghatározása. Fellövés utáni rakétakövetés.
Meteorológiai ballon követés.
-       Rakéta és Tábori tüzér-csapatok: a Bemérő előkészítés folyamán; Kilövő – Indítóállások, Tüzelőállások és Figyelőpontok valamint egyéb tüzér harcrendi elemek összrendezőinek (X, Y, H,) és az Északi irány meghatározása.  a Rakéta kilövési  indítás tájolási és irányzási feladatainak biztosítása. Lőtér kijelölés. Meteorológiai ballonkövetés.
-       Légvédelmi és Radar-csapatok: a Kilövőállások-körletek és Radar valamint optikai mérőpontok koordinátáinak és összerendezőinek megállapítása és az Északi-irány meghatározása.
-       Műszaki-Utász szakcsapatok (a különböző Haderőnemeknél): Földrajzi és derékszögű koordináták-összrend., É-I irány meghatározása, mérőpontok létesítése. -Ezzel nem rendelkezők kiszolgálása (Híradó: Relé és adóantennák, Ráf., RTf., REH-REL , Logisztikai szakcsapatok).
     -  Szárazföldi Csapatok: Védelmi létesítmények, Közlekedési építmények (utak, hidak, folyó-gázlók), Aknamezők telepítése,  Logisztikai műtárgyak (vezetékek, kutak, ...)
     -  Vasuti csapatok: Pályaépítés és javítás, építmények, műtárgyak.
     -  Légierő - Csapatrepülők: Repülőtérépítő-karbantartó, navigációs és Meteorológiai szolgálatok;
        Repülőterek, Leszállóhelyek, Navigációs-pontok (RNP-k), Mérőhelyek  (Inercia nav. rendszer beállítási hely), Meteorológiai  ballonkövetés.  Deszantolási pontok, körletek.
     -  Haditengerészet - Flottilla: Kikötők, Bólyák, Navigációs-pontok, Partvédelmi létesítmények,               elemek. Aknamezők, Partraszállási pontok,  vízalatti létesítmények.
-       Elhelyezési – Szállásmesteri szakcsapatok: Épületek, Táborok; építése, telepítése, bővítése.
-       Haditechnikai-Gépészeti / repülő / jármű/hajó Kivitelező és Javító üzemek: Geometria beállításokhoz (géptest) összeszerelés, javítás (méretek, deformációk).Műhelyberendezések ( daruk, csövek, stb.) Kísérleti-lőtéri ballisztikai és geofizikai mérések.

above: Left: MedRes! Theodolites in U.S. ARMY

above: Uniqualis stamp: Falkland-islands British Royal Engineers Military Survey at 'Sapper'-hill 1981.

above: MedRes! Military theodolites in old NATO

above: US Army surveyors: Left: MedRes

above: US Artillery Theodolite L1A1   below: Right: Huet-paris KL-5 arty-theodolit / Arty Director

above: U.S. Army / Marines M2A2 Artillery Aiming Circle - Compass - Director 'Arty-Theo'

above: NEW! NoHigher!

above: Left: PAB-2M Periskopycheskaya Artilleryskaya Bussol - ПАБ-2М Перископическая буссоль Soviet/Russian aiming circle/director artillery compass with illuminating accessories  Right: PG-1 howitzer-sight install the GAZ-69 "Topo" vehicle.
below: Juci'bacsi's photos in Mil-Shop 2013. Nov.: HiResLeft: PTTM  Right: PAB-2 arty bussols

Hungarian Know-How - Universal spherical wrist gimbal for photo:  Uniqball:

 'Uniqball' - gimbal for foto tripod; above: HiRes!   below: Left: MedRes!  Right: HiRes!


Product film for the innovative ballhead, the "Uniqball". Apart from using it as a regular heavy duty ballhead, this revolutionary product gives photographers and videographers the ability set the leveling in an intuitive way and always keep their shots levelled. This short film illustrates the key features for the product in a snug and fast phased cgi animation intended for quick presentations for a wide audience.

Rendering and production by The Greypixel Workshop
Music and sound design: Kalotás Csabi Designers: Novák László, Kármán Balázs

The UBH 35 Ball Head from Uniqball is a combination leveling base, pan/tilt head, and ball head. It has a unique design that incorporates an outer ball with a bubble to level the clamp, and an inner ball for panning and tilting. Once the outer ball has been leveled and locked, the inner ball will only move on the Y-axis, maintaining level pans. The head can also be used as a conventional ball head with a full range of movement by locking the inner ball and only using the outer ball.

The UBH 35 stands 3.7" high, and can hold up to 33 lb (15 kg). It has an Arca-type compatible clamp that works with the included quick-release plate, as well as most other Arca-type plates. The head's clamp is oriented on the Y-axis so that you can slide the plate front-to-back to balance your camera when using a long lens. An X-Adapter is included to allow you to mount your camera with an attached plate aligned on the X-axis. The head comes with a carrying case to protect the UBH 35 when it is not in use.

above: NEW! NoHigher! nowadays US NAVY USS warship's aiming circle "Water Theodolite"

below: Juci'bacsi's photo: HiRes! forsale PTTM - Periszkópos Tüzér Tájolóműszer - Periscope Arty Bussol Instrument (PABI) in "Milshop" at Budapest, Zách u. (HM EI. ZRt. )

above three: US ARMY GPS surveying technology; Top Left: HiRes! GPS A5_8thTSC Airfield Survey Mission. Back; Lockheed C-130 "Hercules"  Right: Geodetic GPS receiver.

aboveNEWNoHigher! In maintenance hangar on LHBP 'Ferihegy' Budapest IAP, adjusting the 3 degrees - fokos AoA (Angle of Attack - Állásszög repülés közben) status with theodolite.  sourcefacebook -

above: Russian Army's surveyor with Germany  'Leica' LASER rangefinder electronic theodolite.    below: NEWMedRes! Digital "Leicea"s: Left: "Geos"- TS02   Right: TCRA-1105 ??

above: NEW! NoHigher! Russian military KTD-3 Laser Rangefinder- Digital Theodolite

above: Left: Te-B23 in -W.P. Hungarian People Army - MN-Magyar Néphadsereg early 1970's   Right: HiRes! AG-2 (1G-9) for Missile artillery ('Scud-B', 'Frog-7' /"Luna-M"  source: Juci'bacsi collect

below: Soviet Gyrothedolites for Field-Missile Artillery: 1G-17 (AG-1G17)  
below: Juci'bacsi's OLYMPUS photo: BHTA's Collection. also FREE! HiRes! Made in Sovietunion AG-2 (1G-9 Artilleriskoye Gyroskopitseskiy) Arty Gyro Thedolite - Tüzér Girótájoló.

above two: Mr. Steve Ürmös István Canon EOS-D photos: HiRes! at LEP-CsRP Találkozó - Meet june of  2012 Veszprém - Heő. SportCentrum.

aboveNEWNoHigher! Hu. text: Juci'bá's coll.: Hu. 'Haditechnika' szemle - review 1984./ Dr. Kalló Péter mk.ezds. a műszaki tudományok kanditusa: A magyar girotájolók (MOM)

above four: HiRes! MOM (Magyar Optikai Művek - Budapest) Gi-E1 artillery gyroteodolithe
above: Telemeter - Távolságmérő

above: Left: Linear magnetic compass accessorie   Right: Coincidence of  Libelle's bubble 
above: repeat!; The basic schematic of Theodolite

above: 'Vernier' measuring scale - "Nóniusz" skála

above: Optical schema (top right: repeat!)

above: Kinetic schema of the support    below: NEW! NoHigher! Wild - Heerbrugg: A typical conical vertical axis of a period theodolite     below: NEW+! NoHigher! Basic Kinematic

above Three: NEW+! NoHigher! Centricition
 NEW+! Libellák
above: NEW! NoHigher! Carl Zeiss Jena "Dahlta"

above: Left: HiRes! MOM Te-B2  Right: Te-B23 in Mil-Shop

above: Juci'bacsi's collection photo: HiRes! MOM-41 (Magyar Optikai Művek) Te-B43 (Te-B23) Military Theodolite.  also FREE pics!

above: HiRes! Broken MOM Te-B23 box after van transport because it no fixed on top site then falled to floor. During LEP-CsRP Meet 2014. june Veszprém. The optic remained good condition. FREE pics!
above: HiRes! The Te-B43  Autogas - PB-bottle Filling Station - Töltőállomáson
above: NEW! NoHigher! Panorama View of MOM works in Budapest, Csörsz-utca-street from Sas-hegy - Eagle-hill early 1980's - Látvány a MOM-ról

above: NEW! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's brainstorming retro design create half-work: Hungarian "MAM" (desired MOM 41.) periscopic LLDR from eraly 1990's LBT-2Only Photoshop tools! Excuse Me!, but I have lost the My designer motivation. - also Courtesy FREE! for developing.

above: TT3 NoHigher! Poster     below: NEW! MedRes! Hungarian traditional keeper ret. Maj. Kása "Árpapa" Árpád nyá. őrgy. at Tapolca disbanded 5th Missile Brigade (Scud-B) with Theodolite ? demo. source: facebook  photos: Árpapa

above: NEW! NoHigher!  Verkaufs AG. 'Wild' T3 Präcisions Theodolit Heerbrugg Schweiz

above: MedRes! Wild-Heerbrugg  Left: NT1   Right: T1A
 above  Big-MedRes! Wild T-1 Real 3D cross section demo
above: Wild T1 family  Below: Left: MedRes! Wild-Leica T3000    RightHiRes! Wild T1

above: NEW! MedR! old Wild-T3 theo nowadays using by Hungarian Mine Surveyor  source: Fórum Index

above: NEW! NoHigher! Swedish made militär theodolit. firma?: '#Hasselblad'?

above: NEW! NoHigher! Artillery Theodolite
above: MedRes! Swiss made: Kern DKM-1    below: NEW+! MedRes! DKM-2
above: Kern DKM-2 Right: MedRes!    below: NEW+! NoHigher! Swisstek DKM-2 cutaway  source: /
below five: HiRes! DKM-2 NEW!-schnitt & drawings
above: Kern DKM-2       below: MedRes! Kern DKM-3   Right: Kern E2
above: NEW! HiRes!

above: HiRes! Shnittbild - cutaway 3D airbrush graphics Kern & Co. Ltd. Aarau Switzerland Kern K1-S

above: digital theodolit Nikon NT-2A
De. text: 1871 gründete Carl Bamberg in der Lilienstraße in Berlin seine Firma "Werkstätten für Präzisions-Mechanik und Optik Berlin", die später als Askania Werke ...Großbeerenstraße 2, in Berlin-Mariendorf
Die Askania Werke AG wurden im Jahr 1871 in Berlin als Bambergwerke in der Linienstraße 185 (nahe den Hackeschen Höfen) gegründet und 1912 in Askania Werke AG umbenannt. 2004 entstand eine – rechtlich unabhängige – Askania AG, die mechanische Armbanduhren, Taschenuhren und insbesondere Piloten-Uhren auf Basis historischer Vorlagen herstellt. Neuerdings werden auch Schreibgeräte unter der Bezeichnung Flugschreiber hergestellt.

belowAskania Werke AG Berlin-Friedenau  similar Tu 400 one-Second Automatische Universal theodolieten;

NEW! below: Old timer KE-6E / KEUFEL & ESSER geodesy theodolite  sourcepinterest

above: KE-6E Top Left: NoHigher! Other five pics: MedRes!    below: source: pinterest

above: NEW! NoHigher! 'Askania 'color & shape style: American Cord 812 SC Sportsman Convertible Coupe 1937. source: pinterest

 'Askania' wrist watches: below: HiRes! Left: "Taifun" Automatic  Right: "Tegel" (W. Berlin Int. Airport)

aboveMedResAskania Sekunden-Theodolit TU e 400, Baujahr wahrscheinlich 1961

above: Zeiss-SM11 Elektrooptischer Entfernungsmesser - Rangefinder 1971.

above: NEW! NoHigher! GFR Bundeswehr's surveyor with 'Leica' theodolite

above: Leica TCRA-1105 electronic-digital theodolite with  blondie surveyor.
above: NEW+! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's scan collect from Interavia 5/1987.: Eltro GMBH Optisches Know-How
aboveNEWNoHigher! Juci'bacsi's repro dia/slide copy from WEHRTECHNIK 1970's. Laser Theodolite Rangefinder.
above: NEW+! Juci'bacsi's OLYMPUS photo: HiRes! "Clever Ferret-2010" - Okos menyét" Exercise - gyaxa at Várpalota"0-Ponti" szektor Kőröshegyi figyelőpont: MOTAS-10 arty LASER Rangefinder
above: NEW+NoHigher! Hu. Field Arty Observer Point with MOTAS-10 Laser Rangefinder & PAB-2 arty bussol at Várpalota Fire Range   source: ZMNE/NKE 'Tüzérfigyelő' 2011-12 issiue Pdf.
aboveNEW+MedRes! made in Germany MOTAS-10 Maalinpaikantamislaite   below: at Bundeswehr artillerie observer point demo
above: MedRes! A youth following generation in geodesy practice
above: Digital data processing
above: GPS surveyor tripod
 above & below: SpyGlass

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